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My first radio

I was fascinated by radio ever since I was a boy.

Of this small, magic box that could bring the voice and the music from miles away in my home, next to my bed…

I remember that at the time we did not have a TV, so we listened to theatre plays on the radio! This box made our imagination work overtime so as to complete the sound with the missing images. I used to imagine things the way I wanted; I was putting clothes on the actors and I was drawing their faces in my mind. The women looked tall; they had dark hair and were very beautiful, while old men had grey hair, but looked handsome!!!

What an experience.

If these days, young people lack imagination, this is because we “give them so many images”.

Everything is prepared; they do not have to do anything on their own, anything that really worth it.

As I was growing up, I realized that radio is a mean of communication, "oneway" mean of communication.  But it does a great job! So, I wanted in a magical way to be taken to the other side and be the one who will speak and who will make the others think, imagine or dream…

When I was a teenager, as I was going through uncle Philip’s staff, I discovered the apparel below. My uncle was a very nice guy and was traveling a lot (for work) and every time he came back he always brought something, often without ever using it, but there were a lot of members in the family that could use it…!

So I found a very small microphone that worked on batteries and could transmit through FM.

Naturally, I could never believe that something like that existed (it was the 80’s), but the first try was successful…

Then… I just couldn’t stop. I used to carry this little thing on me all the time. And in any case I get – whether I was alone or with friends, at home, at the beach, everywhere – I used to “play my music” using a small magnetophone, batteries and dozens of tapes so as to pick up the songs I wanted to play! Naturally I dedicated songs (ancestors of SMS, MMS and emails).

One of us dedicated the songs; a lot of people were listening but the one that should listen to the message always knew who it was addressed to.

This radio could not transmit very far – maximum 300 meters in areas without abstacles and about 100 meters in city. But who needed more?

My small world of listeners/friends was breathing on my lines, around this small area that my radio show could be transmitted. I remember my old friends begging me to transmit their dedication for a girl…

At the time, it was really fun. When we were at school, we used to make plans; at what time we will transmit which frequency, etc. In the middle of the night – at an hour when the girls were forbidden from leaving their homes, we began our radio show.

We dedicated our songs to them using tapes that were wearing them out of repeated play….

Nights in white satin, Still loving you, Eye of the tiger, You are in the army now, Every breath you take, Electric dreams and other hits that are now classic songs.

I also remember a girl; I used to spend hours under her window, till she turns off the light. Once I stayed up all night – she felt asleep listening to my songs… I left after having spent my second (**) set of batteries and just before being sent away by her furry neighbours.


These days things are completely different, I am member of a team that operates many digital means, sites and of course radio stations. Radio has evolved with computers, transmitters, and digital sound processors, servers, special machines that mix the sound, advertising and other staff…

Today we actually can very simply and with a very low cost to offer to you the magic of the radio, making you the one who picks the songs and who has the microphone. If you really love radio, look for details to our other pages…

But do not forget the point…

And the point is the same, the person behind the microphone, speaking, sharing his/her thoughts with listeners, sharing a pretty nice peace of his soul on air. He feels their palm, living with them (nowadays communication through radio is a two way road), fills with joy every time the phone rings, every time he receives a new e-mail/chat or when he hears about his show from others!

Finally, we must admit that all people of the radio we are a little bit in love with our voice.

We like hearing it returning from the Air. It has another tone, it is so different but also so the same. It has been decomposed from wave sound to electronic bits, it has travelled thousand miles away and it has been composed again in magnetic palms in order to live again in the other end of the listener speakers.

It has the magical effect of gentle welcome intrusion of his home, of his solidute, it brings company, fun, information but most of all it is always there for you...

Whenever you choose a radio from our pages, your voice will be heard! 

(**) from guys like me a well know brand of batteries hit sky sales...