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You don't need to scream...

You don’t need to scream in order to be heard…

Stream Your Dreams

You have your voice; you play your own music!

Stream Your Dreams

We are on the Air! 

Your Radio is on the Air!!

“Listening to the Radio since I was a teenager, I felt the magical experience that this small box is bringing to my soul!

Radio was like a second school for me! I learned how to listen to music that fit to me like my old blue jeans.

Then came a time when private companies made radio stations…

Ever since that day I was dreaming of making my own radio station, that will transmit my favorite kind of music, my voice to be heard in the world following my heart in every beat!”

So, has the time come for your dream to come true?

Easily, simply, and very low budget…

Your radio station is ready!

Do you like folklore music?

Do you like rock music?

Do you like pop music?

Do you like dance music?

Do you like lounge music?

Do you just like everything?

No matter what you like, just choose your songs, open the microphone and…

You’re on the Air! 

The first Society of Radio Lovers is here!

Be a member, enjoy the services of WeStrem.net, talk to other people who also love radio and speak on the Air!

Learn more about how easy this is and the cost here!