Grand Broadcasting Network

RADIO Division

Among many other things, we are proud of :

Continously delivering high quality stable service

with near cost pricing to our distinguished clients from all over the world.

To our radio portal YouRadio :

 Being the first in Greece that presented Europe and World radios.

 Being the first and only in the World that have LIVE statistics.

 Being the first and only in the World that present a daily TV magazino!

TV Division

But most of all we are proud of:

 Being the first in Greece that broadcasted LIVE concerts, 7 days in a row...

Zithos Birthday Festival, with top class artists of Greek Music Industry.

(e.x. Plessas, Kilaidonis, Lekkas, Spanos, Chatzis, Pappas Family, Sindos Concept Band)

Second year with: Layrentis Maxairitsas, Christos Thivaios, Glykeria, Manolis Mitsias, Sindos Concept Band, Loudovikos ton Anogeion, Papas Family.

 Being the first in Europe that broadcasted LIVE an International Exhibition - Food Drinks and Technology .

MackBrooks Hellas worth some credit of daring with us, the results were stunning!

Second year results were even better...

 Being the first in the World that broadcasted LIVE Back Stage camera in Eurovision 2009 Song Contest.

Take a look GrOnline.TV for the first time in contest history, our accredited journalists and technicians

delivered a different view of Europe most favorite contest.

Second year: all meters busted

We are the first (lets say in Greece) that we made LIVE PAPARAZZI TV.

Freegossip.gr is broadacasting LIVE from the field of paparazzi action!