Grand Broadcasting Network

Digital Video Delivery and Scheduling Solution

We are offering to our higly respected clients solutions capable of utilising software and normal computer hardware to achieve high quality web tv broadcasting.

Our integrated solution can be put to use in the professional broadcasting industry, cable TV, live event coverage, cablecasting, business TV, digital TV, post-production, e-Learning, distance learning, corporate training, training videos, training DVDs, press conferences, corporate meetings, council meetings, religious broadcasting, worship services, church sermons, streaming video album, video diary, as well as other public events and situations where the content needs to be captured, mixed, edited and delivered in real time. In other words, events, leisure or work where the value of dynamic trans-coding, switching and scheduling is at a premium.

We offer integrated streaming video encoding/decoding solution.

It supports analogue, digital and stream input. It enables real time caption and logo insertion.

Can handle five video input sources (live camera or pre-recorded files) simultaneously and transition effects can be applied to them.

Scheduling functionality helps in cases of live and on-demand editing.


Decoding and Encoding

Decodes various media such as Microsoft WMV (Windows Media Video), Real Media Video, QuickTime, and MPEG2 (the digital TV standard) and encodes to WMV and FLV.

It will work with files on a hard drive, across a network and captured video from camcorder or video tape recorder (VTR).

Multi-bit Encoding

The multi-bit encoding function provides both pre-defined profile and user-defined profile options when saving the content.

Transition Effects

The FX effects can be applied to five video input sources simultaneously for live streaming output (or you can save your work for later use).

Graphics Insertion and Titles

It supports real-time caption, subtitle, logo and ad insertion features based on text, image and animation. Streamed video can also be dubbed and video inserted in time with the music, etc.


Further more it allows you to schedule the input and output streams by time. You can set the clip duration with switching effects, special effects as well as title, caption and logo insertion.

Real life scenarios - Live events and WEB TV Studios

Several events are recorded or live broadcasted to share the experience and communicate the message. Although the budgets and venues vary, they have many similar technical requirements.

The video mixer (hardware or software) must be user friendly so the people who operate it do not require a high technical knowledge.

The video mixer must be able to accept several video sources simultaneously and work with industry standard formats as the digital cameras being used can be a mixture of anything from professional to budget consumer models.

In both cases, our solution excels with its at-a-glance layout and ability to handle five video sources simultaneously in real-time.

The background technology automatically identifies the components, interfaces and protocols of streaming video and audio decoding/encoding/trans-coding, multi-source transition, digital effects and insertion functions.

As for the arts, Web TV, studios, etc. If you want a vision mixer for TV production on a tight budget, or want to apply the theory of TV broadcasting in real-life scenarios and so add depth to your knowledge through application, then our technology will be a useful addition to your studio.

Integrated streaming video encoding/decoding, support of analogue, digital and stream input, real time caption and logo insertion is just the beginning.

It can also handle five video input sources simultaneously and transition effects can be applied to them. And all in real-time.

This is because it was designed from the outset to work in real time, to achieve professional quality and to deliver high performance, all at various sample rates and sizes and in multiple video industry standards.

Scheduling functionality is available in both live editing and on-demand editing.



   ASF (Microsoft Windows Media Video)


   MPEG-1 (DAT)

   MPEG-2 (VOB) - DVD

   RGB/YUV (analog video capture) - Tape and VCR

   DV (digital video capture) - digital firewire camcorder (IEEE1394)

   other WDM driver source


   ASF (Microsoft Windows Media Video) - Live & file save

   FLV (Flash Video) - File


   Real-time transitions, wipes, scroll, push, fade, dissolve, blind, page turns, spins, peels

Graphics & Titles

   Font (type face, size, colour, emphasise, shadow, outline)

   Image (image type, alpha blending): Windows bitmap, GIF, JPG, TGA

   Roll & scroll, animated image, anti-alias, apply (automatic - time lined), paragraph (partial emphasise)

Hardware Requirements

   Pentium Core 2 Duo 2 GHz and higher

   512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

   64 MB VGA (128 MB recommended)

   10/100MB Ethernet card

Software Requirements

   Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, and Windows Vista

   DirectX 8.1 and higher

Specifications are subject to change without notice.